Сабақ жоспары "Cities"


Команда форума
Оценка реакций
The 6th forms
The theme of the lesson Cities
The aims of the lesson To get acquainted with new material to train pupils to use the previous in their speech.
Visual aids cards, pictures and tape-recorder.
The org. moment of the lesson Good afternoon! How are you? Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What is the date today? What month is it now?
Ex.1 Read and translate
Ex .2 write answers.
Susan went to Scotney Castle
The castle is in England
It is 700 years old.
Susan went with her uncle
Nobody lives in the castle now
Susan’s uncle visiting the castle
Ex .1. A at quarter past six 6
B on Tuesday, July 4 th 1
C at half past three 2
D at half past five 4
E at five o’clock 3
Ex.2. Look at the pictures of June’s birthday and draw the times. Then write a story.
Jane had a birthday party on Monday
Jane and her friends went to the circus at 330
Then they all went ice-cream shop at 500
Study skills
Ex.1 Spelling. Fill in the missing letters.
A sheep wearing shoe
A shop on a ship
Ex.2. Write these words in alphabetical order
1 sheep, shoe, shop, ship
2 baker, bread, butcher, butter
3 cake, carrots, chocolate, cook
4 man, market, meat, men
Home-task Your home-task will be ex.1,2.
Fill in the missing letters.
Good – bye!