Сабақ жоспары "Comparatives"


Команда форума
Оценка реакций
The 6th forms
The theme of the lesson Comparatives
The aims of the lesson To practice using comparatives. Developing, speaking, writing, reading skills and etc.
Visual aids cards, pictures and placards magazines.
The org. moment of the lesson Good afternoon! How are you? Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What is the date today? What month is it now?
Ask home-task What was your home-task? Our home-task was exercise 2
New material
-er – larger, smaller, bigger
Ex.2 Read, look and circle the correct word.
1 larger 3 wider
2 bigger 4 cleaner
Ex1 look at this!
Where did Emma go yesterday? She went to the science museum.
Where did Benny go yesterday? He went to the library.
and etc.
New words
Big [big] үлкен
Young [jʌɳ] жас
Small [smᴐl] кішкентай
Clean [klin] таза
Fast [fᴂst] тез
Slow [slou] баяу
Dirty [dәti] таза
Wide [waid] кең
Narrow [nәrou] тар
Old [ould] ескі, кәрі
Ex1. Write sentences about the picture. Use words in the box
1 The castle is bigger than the house
2 The shop is small than the house.

Home-task Your home-task will be ex1.2. p 11
Our lesson is over. You are free!